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Where can you quickly charge your electric car?

Where can you quickly charge your electric car? Where can you quickly charge your electric car?
15 December

Where can you charge your electric car?

Electric cars are popular in all the world with their advantages. The world’s market always develops, particularly every country has right mains of charging which can help you charge your auto.

Fueling an accumulator

There is an opinion, that it’s so hard to charge a car. But it’s not truth. One of advantages of electric auto is an ability to “fueling” it in every electric mains. No matter if it can be the house socket or a special charging station.

Thus the quantity of electric autos is extremely coming up every day in Ukraine, the campaign ECO CARS presents a fast charging ability of your car. A term of Nissan Leaf full charge from the 32A mains can be 3,5 hours. Now, you can see some charges stations of leading manufacturer:

· ABL – the German’s concern, which present wide range of choice of the charging station in the world.

· Keba – the Austerity’s campaign and major European supplier of electric charges stations in Ukraine.

· Schneider Electric – the French company, which supplies the stations in all Europe.

Value of charging depends on the next features:

· A model of an electric car

· A way of charging

· A quantity of taking energy

· Time of charging

Free charging stations are also very popular. Everyone can charge his car without problems.

Special aspects of electro car’s charging

There is a few type of charging:

Mode 1 – the standard type. It’s a charge with commuted current from a household electrical system, when a cable plug in the simple socket without any addition protective devices. It doesn’t guarantee a safety in cause of superheat of a socket/cable or in the short circuit, so Mode 1 isn’t used in modern electrical autos. The time of charging of a simple electrical car with a battery in 20-25 kilowatt-hour completes 6-8 hours.

Mode 2 – the same as the Mode 1, but using the special cable with protection. It follows for avoiding a short circuit or superheat of a cable and simple light indicators help him and inform of a charging process.

Mode 3 – the charge with а high-quality commuted current using a certain socket, which is a charging station. It has a necessary protection, follows for processing of charging and it plugs in the special built cable which accords to the concrete electric auto connector. A Mode 3 socket can be installed everywhere: home, office or street. Depending on a type of using cable (1-phase or 3-phase) a charging can give from 7,2 to 43 kilowatts. According to it, the time of “fueling” of a standard modern electric car composes from 4 hours to a few minute.

For using this type of charging station, you need to use an access card (it is given by an administrator or a campaign). Now all public charging stations in Ukraine are free.

Mode 4 – now the fastest type of charging. The differences from earlier variants that it uses the permanent current. The popular Japanese standard of the charging station CHAdeMO gives about 62,5 kilowatts of energy, which allows you to charge an accumulator of a standard auto for 20-30 minutes.