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Special equipment

Eco Leasing - the opportunity to purchase special machinery and equipment with minimal cost of finance and time. Trailers, semi-trailers, low loader trailers will become a reality, help optimize transportation and take your business to the next level.

If you do not have the full amount for Prio Bretenoux necessary spetsteh n iki , leasing - the best and profitable financial decision. Unlike a loan, which is a simple cash loan , leasing is a full range of services for the acquisition, insurance, support and after-sales service.

How it works?

You make an advance in the amount of 20% of the cost of the equipment, the residual amount, insurance costs, registration of the leased object in the relevant state bodies, as well as the payment of all taxes and fees, the leasing company takes care of.

We are open to dialogue, therefore, we offer an individual schedule of leasing payments, taking into account your wishes and needs.

After making an advance payment, the leasing object is transferred to your disposal, and upon the expiration of the lease agreement, you become its owner.

Basic conditions:

1. new and used construction equipment

2. advance payment of 20%

3. one-time commission - 2%

4. funding currency - hryvnia, US dollar

5. leasing term - from 12 months. up to 60 months

6. Full CASCO insurance for the entire leasing term, at the request of the CTP insurance client

Benefits of working with Eco Leasing :

  • Help in selecting equipment
  • Favorable conditions for financing, insurance, technical support
  • Flexibility and speed of decision making
  • Transparent business relationship
  • Individual approach to the client’s business

Services included in lease payments:

- Financing special equipment

- Registration of the leased object in the relevant state bodies

- Payment of all taxes and fees

- Insurance for the entire leasing period

- GPS equipment (optional)

How to lease agricultural machinery ?

  • Paul Learn Eco Leasing Expert Advice
  • Choose financing conditions that suit you
  • Sign a lease agreement
  • Get your technique !

To register the acquisition of an object on lease, you need to fill out an application form (contains data about the client) and provide a package of documents for assessing the financial condition.