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Buying an Electric Car at ECO Leasing Means to Give Preference to Future Technologies

An electric car is a fast, convenient and economical car that is particularly popular with motorists, as it has a number of indisputable advantages: the reliability and durability of the engine during long-term operation, the ability to charge the battery from a standard electrical network, high efficiency - and most importantly - the absence of harmful exhausts, which are one of the main elements of environmental pollution. If you want to become the owner of a modern car, then welcome to the company "ECO Leasing", where you can buy an electric car at the best price. In addition, if you do not have enough cash, then we give a unique opportunity to each client to buy an electric car for leasing - it is a long-term rental car with the right of its further redemption, which is considered a great alternative to the loan, which is why attracts citizens of Ukraine with their favorable conditions. ECO Leasing is a reliable partner for the purchase of electric vehicles, as we can boast extensive experience, guaranteeing quality service and high qualification of specialists.

Major Benefits of Buying Electric Cars

Every year, environmentally and economically viable vehicles break through the automotive market. If you are still thinking: buy an electric car or a car with a fuel engine, then be sure to choose your truck:

  • high efficiency;
  • simple car structure;
  • simple service;
  • There is no risk of explosion and fire in the event of an accident;
  • long service life of the brakes;
  • reliability of the electric motor;
  • low cost of travel;
  • silent operation;
  • Charging the battery from a standard electrical network.

The main difference between electric cars is the lack of an internal combustion engine and gearbox. Driving differs simplicity: the start button, instead of a gearbox - a reducer, and the electric power steering facilitates turns. The car is picking up speed on its own, and slows down much faster, which is due to the conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy. With the company «ECO Leasing» you can buy an electric car of any model, based on personal preferences and financial possibilities: Nissan Leaf, Hyundai, Smart Fortwo, BMW I3, Kia Soul, Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Rav4. Selling a car for leasing is a priority area of our company, because in this area we have gained enough knowledge and experience. We guarantee compliance of the stated technical characteristics of cars, so if you decide to buy a Nissan body for leasing or any other model of car with electric motor - leave a request on our website, specifying the model of the electric car, and highly skilled specialists will contact you in the near future, answering all those interested questions.

Purchase an Electric Vehicle for Leasing on Best Conditions

Today, thanks to ECO Leasing, anyone can buy an electric car, because we give the opportunity to buy a car for leasing without resorting to a bank loan. Leasing is a type of long-term lease with the right to redeem a vehicle after the terms of the contract. There are three parties to the leasing transaction:

  • buyer: wants to buy a car, but does not have the necessary amount;
  • seller: wants to get the full cost of the machine right away;
  • Leasing Company: Fully settles with the seller, then transfers the car to the buyer under the lease agreement.

For a long time, only legal entities could buy a leased vehicle. For individuals, this service has become available relatively recently, but has already gained popularity, since buying a car for leasing, the choice is much wider, because it is covered by the secondary market and you will be able to buy an electric car with a low interest rate.

ECO Leasing is your trusted partner for buying electric vehicles

Deciding to buy an electric car at ECO Leasing, you will make the right choice, because it is not only a significant saving, but also a trend of modernity, a tribute to fashion and the desire of people to preserve the environment in its original form. Infrastructure for electric trucks is actively developing in Ukraine, especially in large cities, so charging your vehicle will not be difficult. One of the deciding factors when buying a car is the price of the electric car. In the assortment of our company budget variants of "green" cars at quite reasonable price are presented. By cooperating with us, you will be able to buy a car or purchase a vehicle for leasing, simply by completing a transaction with a minimum amount of documents and a small down payment. It is worth considering today whether the time has come to buy an electric car on the most favorable terms at ECO Leasing.