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Eco Leasing is an opportunity to purchase what you need with minimal expenses of finance and time. Electric cars, passenger and commercial vehicles on internal combustion engines, agricultural and special equipment, mounted, energy-efficient and other equipment will become a reality in just a few days.

Our company offers a comprehensive service for financing a leased asset regardless of its value. Each client has the opportunity to choose the best method of purchase for himself, as well as an individual payment schedule in accordance with the wishes and possibilities for a minimum burden on the budget.

Basic leasing conditions:

1. financing of new and used vehicles

2. prepayment of 20%

3. one-time commission - 2%

4. currency - UAH, USD

5. leasing term - from 12 months up to 60 months

6. full CASCO and CTP insurance for the entire leasing term

7. optimal package of documents

8. registration of equipment with the relevant state bodies by the leasing company

9. a preliminary decision on financing is made within 1 day

Leasing payments include:

• Financing of the leased asset

• Registration of transport, payment of registration fees and contributions to the Pension Fund

• Full CASCO and CTP insurance for the entire leasing term

• Administration of insurance claims

• Eco Assistance 24/7 Technical Support

What do you get with Eco Leasing?

• Quick feedback

• Help in choosing a car

• Escort of a personal financial advisor

• An individual approach to each client and his business

• Favorable conditions for financing, insurance, technical support

• Administration of insurance claims

• Eco Assistance 24/7

The procedure for obtaining a car on lease:

• Selection of cars / machinery / equipment

• Consultation of Eco Leasing specialists regarding financing

• Application for leasing, selection of optimal financing conditions and calculation of leasing payments

• Approval of application

• Preparation of a package of documents and signing of a leasing agreement

• Acquisition, registration and insurance of a car by a leasing company

• Issuance of auto / machinery / equipment

To register the acquisition of an object on lease, you need to fill out an Application Form (contains data about the client) and provide a package of documents for assessing the financial condition.

For individuals


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For business entities


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For legal entities


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ECO Leasing is a unique opportunity to purchase a modern electric car on lease

In a short time, electric cars have gained a leading position in the modern market and have become the subject of admiration by many motorists, and this is not surprising, because someone praises them for their efficiency and dynamic qualities, but there are real environmentalists who want to seriously benefit ecology, preferring electric cars. With each passing day, the abandonment of cars with an internal combustion engine is gradually growing, and electric cars are feeling more and more confident. That is why, there are more and more electric cars in Ukraine, the model range is expanding significantly, and technical specifications are improving.

If you want to become a happy owner of an electric car, then welcome to the ECO Leasing company, where a number of modern cars are presented - you can leave on one of them right now, as we enable our customers to quickly and profitably buy a car on lease. Leasing is a type of financial services, the meaning of which is to take a vehicle on a long-term lease with the right to fully repurchase. The main mechanism of the system is that the leasing company buys the car and is its owner, and the client operates the vehicle, paying leasing payments over the specified period. As soon as the last payment occurs, the client is given the right to buy the car at a residual price, as a rule, this is a symbolic value. Thus, leasing is a simple and profitable alternative to a loan.

The main advantages of buying a car on lease

Using the services of ECO Leasing, you will make the right choice, as you can buy a car on lease with minimal cost of finance and time. We offer a comprehensive service for financing a leased asset, regardless of its value. All you need is to choose for yourself the most optimal way to purchase, as well as an individual payment schedule, based on your wishes and financial capabilities. If you are interested in buying a car on lease, then it is worth highlighting the main advantages of this service:

  • minimum monthly payments;
  • there is an opportunity to early repay the payment;
  • electric vehicle maintenance will be included in lease payments;
  • minimum package of documents required for consideration, short deadlines for application and conclusion of an agreement;
  • the opportunity to lease a car with a negative credit history. The main condition - at the time when the documents will be considered, there should be no late payments and writ of execution:
  • leasing applies not only to new cars, but also to used cars.

Stages of the leasing process

The service presented is in demand among legal entities that prefer to lease a commercial vehicle, as well as among individuals who appreciated the indisputable advantages of this transaction. The process of leasing a car consists of a number of specific steps:

  • choose the most liked electric car: it can be either a new or a supported car;
  • visit ECO Leasing, where highly qualified specialists will help you choose the most suitable financing program and agree on a payment schedule;
  • prepare the necessary documents and sign the contract;
  • pay the down payment;
  • end result - you become the owner of a modern and reliable electric car.

It is worth noting separately that today there are two schemes for how to buy a car on lease:

  • leasing with transfer of ownership: when the lease term comes to an end, you can become the full owner of the vehicle by purchasing it from the lessor at a residual price;
  • leasing without transfer of ownership: at the end of the leasing term, you can return the car to the leasing company and choose another one by signing a new agreement.

Buy an electric car on lease on favorable terms

ECO Leasing Company offers legal entities and individuals to buy a used car on lease. With our help, you can purchase both vehicles for personal and commercial use on the most favorable terms. Interest in this type of purchase of an electric vehicle is growing every day, as we offer more flexible, simple and generally accessible conditions. Cooperating with us, each client will receive assistance in selecting an electric vehicle, escorting a personal financial consultant, an individual approach and quick feedback, and most importantly - favorable conditions for financing, insurance, technical support and administration of insurance cases. You can find out more about the conditions for purchasing a car on lease, as well as about the presented electric cars and the services provided, on the ECO Leasing website, where our experts will give free professional advice by answering all your questions.