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For how long can be issued financial leasing contract?

Financial leasing contract can be issued for a period of 12 to 60 months. For electric сars, as well as for other cars and commercial vehicles is optimal lease term of 36 months.

What type of insurance is applied to a machine that is buy in a lease?

When making a leasing contract electric car, passenger and commercial vehicles must be insured on a full insurance. Also mandatory insurance policy is issued. Individually with the Lease may be specified franchise and other insurance conditions.

What are the advantages of leasing as compared to buy a car loan?

The main advantage of electric car leasing to credit programs is in a smaller volume of payments, that is, save for the one who is planning to buy a car. In addition, at the conclusion of the contract the customer all the hassle associated with the acquisition, registration, car insurance takes over leasing company Eco Leasing.

Is there a possibility of registration in leasing used car?

Yes there is. Moreover, leasing company Eco Leasing can find you the best for your criteria Electric 2013 and 2014. To make a contract must observe the following conditions: at the end of lease payments on the car must not be older than 5 years.

Does the lessor the opportunity to redeem the vehicle to the end of the contract?

Yes, such a possibility is provided. Minimum, according to the law, the term of the issuance of a financial leasing contract - 12 months. In the case of operational leasing contract time limits no.

How long it takes the time of application for leasing cars to pick up the keys from him?

The process of registration of documents may take from 3 to 10 days. process time depends on the presence of an electric vehicle, the quality of the data provided for the evaluation of the Lessee's solvency. During this time, there are processes of the transaction consideration, purchase, registration, insurance and delivery of the vehicle.

How the process of redemption of a vehicle?

After payment of all payments under the lease agreement, the leasing company forms a package of documents for re-registration of ownership of the vehicle.