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Leasing of cars and electric cars in Ukraine


Eco Leasing staff will help you choose the car that meets all your requirements.

Our extensive dealer network allows you to choose any electric vehicle, including new and used cars.


Term from 12 to 36 month

Down payment from 25%

The term of acceptance of the contract and execution of solutions - two days max


All the troubles associated with the acquisition, registration, insurance of a car is undertaken by the leasing company Eco Leasing.

A car cannot be the subject of a tax arrest and no claims of third parties can be imposed on it.

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Leasing electric vehicles on favorable terms

If you have been thinking about your own transport for a long time, which does not require fuel and is an environmentally friendly means of transportation, then you have a great opportunity to buy an electric car on lease in our company. Today we fulfill our customers' dreams by providing the opportunity to cheaply buy a car without an internal combustion engine, which does not require refueling with gasoline or other type of fuel and is environmentally friendly.

The environment affects our feelings and if it is impossible to stop the production of a large range of harmful products, then help the world switch to a car that works with electricity.

Leasing an electric car

The concept of "leasing of electric vehicles" represents the financial rental of a vehicle that comes into operation with the right to purchase the customer in stages. This way of buying a car is a very convenient solution for both individuals and legal entities. The owner has the opportunity to use the car for private or commercial purposes, gradually paying the cost of the car to the lessor. Using the services you have a number of advantages that no bank in our country provides.

Benefits of leasing:

  • Saving money - you can use our services and at one point buy cheap a new car or car with minimal wear of parts;
  • A wide selection of cars of different colors, models, year of manufacture, new and used with different mileage (in kilometers);
  • Quick procedure for the purchase and registration of a vehicle - very soon you will be able to become the owner of a coveted car;
  • A wide range of additional services (insurance, registration with government agencies, assistance system on the road, etc.);
  • Individual and flexible.

Our company offers favorable conditions for buying a car on credit, which everyone can afford. We know that a new environmentally friendly car is not affordable for a wide mass of middle-income customers, but thanks to a lease, everyone can become the owner of a new car. We draw attention to the fact that the client can choose and buy any favorite car in a matter of days. The difference is only in the amount of the fee - the higher the cost of the car, the higher the amount of the down payment.

Important aspects of leasing electric vehicles

When buying electric vehicles on lease online through our company, certain benefits are provided to customers:

  • Operational conclusion of an agreement (subject of a transaction) (within one business day);
  • The first installment on loans (advance payment) is from 30%;
  • Uniform distribution of insurance for the entire leasing period (in months);
  • In contrast to the lending procedure or the payment of state fees, a client is not obligated to make an additional deposit when applying for leasing;
  • Lack of territorial reference;
  • The cost of leasing payments include VAT;
  • During the leasing period is the opportunity to renew the vehicle.

We give customers the opportunity to calculate their expenses using a special program - a calculator that helps you determine the due date of payments, rate and other financial parameters. Clients have the opportunity at any time convenient for themselves to go to our electronic catalog and choose a car that will satisfy it in terms of technical characteristics, color, mileage and other parameters.

A few years ago, an electric car was considered a luxury item for an ordinary citizen, but now the doors of car dealerships with electric cars are open in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov, Zaporizhia, Lviv, Krivoy Rog, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr and other major cities of Ukraine.

If a client has any questions about choosing, conditions or calculating a payment scheme, you can always ask our manager for help. Project managers find an approach to each client and are always ready to advise each client on any issue.

Electric car leasing - emphasize your individuality and rational attitude to finances

Modern electric cars have become particularly popular in our country, because more and more motorists make the right decision to abandon internal combustion engines and give preference to vehicles running exclusively on electric motors. If you opted for electric transport, but don’t have the necessary amount to buy a car, do not despair, because the ECO Leasing company takes special care not only of the environment, but also of its customers, as our project was created specifically to finance electric vehicles. Leasing a car is a priority for our company, because in this area we have enormous experience, so we know what the customer expects from our services. Becoming a happy owner of a modern and safe car, you will save yourself from the constant cost of fuel and will be able to enjoy driving a high-tech car with an economical service.

The undeniable benefits of leasing

Today, not everyone has the opportunity to purchase a new car at a car dealership, having fully paid for the purchase, in addition, there are few who can use a bank loan to pay the cost of the vehicle in parts. ECO Leasing company advises in this case not to say goodbye to a dream, but to use a service such as car leasing. Car leasing means long-term car rental from a leasing company with the right to gradually buy it back, and if earlier this opportunity was provided exclusively to legal entities, then from 2010 individuals can also take leasing cars. The client gets the opportunity to use the car without restrictions, making monthly payments, according to the leasing agreement. After all contributions under the contract are paid in a timely manner, the lessee will be able to redeem the car at the residual value and arrange it for your organization or as a private person. If you have not yet considered leasing a car in Ukraine, then you are unlikely to know the main advantages:

  • tax benefits;
  • minimum initial payment;
  • the ability to use the vehicle immediately after purchase, and to pay its cost during operation;
  • register a car with a leasing company without opening your own fleet;
  • the ability to build the most convenient payment schedule for the minimum budget load;
  • A leasing agreement in Ukraine is easier to terminate than a credit one, since a leased car can be leased.

ECO Leasing - reliable electric vehicles for leasing

Buying a used car on lease is a rational and profitable decision, and most importantly - a unique opportunity to purchase environmentally friendly vehicles that will not let you down in a difficult situation. The ECO Leasing company offers you to follow modern trends by buying a car on lease Ukraine. The benefit of such an acquisition is that you are provided with:

  • financing of new and used cars;
  • advance payment of 20%;
  • commission at transaction execution - 2%;
  • financing currency - UAH, USD;
  • leasing term - from 12 to 60 months;
  • payment schedule to choose from;
  • long-term repayment option;
  • to use the service of leasing electric vehicles can both business entities and individuals and legal entities.

Basic conditions for leasing a car

To get a vehicle on lease, you need to choose a reliable partner, because today companies present different conditions and schemes in which it is not difficult for an individual or representative of an organization to get confused. Leasing of electric vehicles in Ukraine from the ECO Leasing company involves the most simplified procedure for registration, with a minimum package of documents. Depending on your own wishes, you will be able to choose a car yourself, and convenient customer repayment periods, insignificant amounts of the final overpayment and a minimum periodic payment will be to the taste of each client. Our experts will make sure that you get the desired electric car on lease in the shortest possible time. To do this, you need:

  • get advice from highly qualified specialists;
  • choose the financing conditions that are right for you;
  • sign a lease agreement;
  • get the keys to a new car.