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5 myths about leasing

5 myths about leasing 5 myths about leasing
01 May

In the conditions of unstable economic realities, it is not always possible to buy a car right away, having paid the full price, so it's time to use leasing. This is an investment tool that allows you, without immediately giving away a large amount of your own funds, to purchase a modern and high-tech vehicle with the help of «Eco Leasing». The nuances of leasing are not known to everyone, therefore, more and more inaccurate information appears on the financial market, which can mislead you. This service has undeniable advantages and is much simpler than it seems at first glance. That is why we want to dispel the 5 main myths about leasing.

1. Leasing only for large companies

The main misconception about leasing is that only large companies and enterprises can use this service. Car leasing is an excellent solution for individuals and legal entities, as well as SPD. Statistics show that 7 out of 10 lessees are small companies and individuals. The main condition is a certain income, which allows you to make monthly lease payments.

2. Leasing is difficult to arrange

Quite the contrary, it’s even easier than taking a loan. One of the main advantages of leasing is the simplicity of registration and a short waiting time for a decision. All you need is:

  • consult with a specialist and receive a commercial offer;
  • fill out an application and provide a package of documents. You can familiarize yourself with the optimal package of documents by clicking on the link;
  • sign an agreement, make an advance payment;
  • pick up the car.

All formalities associated with documents are undertaken by the leasing company. A preliminary decision on financing is made within one day.

3. Leasing is more expensive than credit

This is the most popular myth about leasing. The cost of leasing depends on many factors - own contribution, purchase price, number of payments. However, it should be noted that the cost of the vehicle leased will be lower than when buying for cash or on credit. And the whole secret lies in the discounts that the leasing company receives from suppliers due to the volume of purchases. Therefore, we are pleased to share the discount received from manufacturers with our customers. And that's not all: monthly payments include a lot of bonuses in the form of insurance, payment of registration expenses, contributions to the Pension Fund, administration of insurance cases and Eco Assistance technical support 24/7.

4. Leasing is a big risk

This myth has been around for a long time and quite successfully. The main risks in leasing, if you own a car, are theft and accident. But they are covered by full CASCO and CTP insurance, which is issued for the entire lease term. In addition, payments on it are already included in monthly payments.

5. Large currency risks

It is a very common opinion that leasing is a big currency risk. The currency of financing at «Eco Leasing» is the hryvnia and the US dollar. Therefore, when arranging leasing in foreign currency, you can be calm, because unlike banks, leasing companies are subject to NBU regulation. Thus, we become attached to the course, both up and down.