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Why shouldn't you be afraid of leasing?

Why shouldn't you be afraid of leasing? Why shouldn't you be afraid of leasing?
25 November

Despite the fact that it is already 2020 outside the window, many people are still skeptical and even wary of leasing. We decided to dot the i's and explain to our clients what leasing is and why you shouldn't be afraid of it.

In simple words, car leasing is a vehicle rental with the option to purchase. This is a comprehensive service that includes not just financing the purchase of a car, but also involves a service - in particular, registration, transfer of payments to the Pension Fund, full CASCO and OSAGO insurance by our leasing company. In addition, we offer the client to choose the best purchase method for himself, as well as an individual payment schedule in accordance with the wishes and possibilities for a minimum burden on the budget.

Features of car leasing

• By purchasing a car on lease, our client saves on initial costs. They are only 20% -30% of the total cost of the car.

• Registration costs, Pension Fund payments and insurance are included in the monthly payments, so our client can forget about additional costs.

• Short term of consideration of the application - 2-5 days.

• We offer early repayment at the end of the year without commissions and penalties

• We undertake all the bureaucratic red tape - for the client, the process of signing an agreement looks easier than in the case of a loan.

• We offer administration of insurance claims, as well as Eco Assistance 24/7 Technical Support

It is very easy to arrange a car lease:

1. Get advice from Eco Leasing specialists

2. Choose the financing terms that suit you

3. Sign the lease agreement

4. Get the keys to your new car!

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