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The Most Reliable C-Class SUVs of 2020

The Most Reliable C-Class SUVs of 2020  The Most Reliable C-Class SUVs of 2020
14 January

At the end of 2020, British What Car? published a rating of the most reliable cars under the age of 5 years. The data was obtained from a survey of 13,000 car owners, and for some items they are surprising.

Owners of 175 models of 31 brands were interviewed. The most common faults are: A / C and cooling, battery, body, brakes, clutch / gearbox, engine, engine electronics, exhaust and fuel system, infotainment system / sat nav, interior trim, non-engine electronics, steering management, suspension and others.

According to a survey of car owners, the most reliable were the gasoline BMW X1, the gasoline Skoda Karoq and the gasoline Opel Mokka.

1. BMW X1 from 2015 to the present - the most reliable crossover in this class. The reliability rating is 98.1%. Among the breakdowns - electrics not related to the engine - 5%, air conditioning - 3%, exhaust system - 3%, interior decoration - 3%.


If you want a reliable X1, the British advise you to go for the petrol model. Only 8% of gasoline-powered X1s were malfunctioning, compared to 25% of diesels. Nevertheless, all the vehicles that had breakdowns remained on the move and were repaired in less than a week, and all work was done free of charge.

2. In second place in the ranking is Skoda Karoq with a gasoline engine from 2017 to the present. The reliability rating is 97.9%.


Although the gasoline Karoqs had more malfunctions than the diesels (14% versus 7%), the gasoline versions remained on track, as opposed to two-thirds of the diesels. They also took less time to repair. Among the main malfunctions that the owners complained about were the electrical equipment of the engine and equipment not related to the chassis. They were followed in number by a small part of the problems with interior decoration. All faulty cars remained on the move; four out of five were repaired in less than a week and were all under warranty.

3. The bronze medal for reliability went to Opel Mokka with a gasoline engine of 2012-2019 onwards. Reliability rating - 97.7%.


Owners reported that 19% of Mokka vehicles were out of order. The main problems arose in the electrical system of the engine and the exhaust system. All cars remained in motion, and faults in two-thirds of them were repaired in a day or less. Moreover, all work was done free of charge.

The three least reliable in this class are Range Rover Evoque, Nissan Qashqai and Jaguar E-Pace.

We publish the full What Car reliability rating of an SUV?

1.BMW X1, 2015, 98.1%
2. Skoda Karoq, 2017, 97.9%
=3. Opel Mokka, 2012-2019, 97.7%
=3. Mercedes GLA, 2014-2020, 97.7%
5. Volvo XC40, 2017, 97.5%
=6. Suzuki SX4 S-Cross, 2013, 96.7%
=6. Skoda Karoq дизель, 2018, 96.7%
=8. Kia Sportage, 2016, 96.4%
=8. Volvo XC40, 2017, 96.4%
10. BMW X1, 2015, 95.6%
11. Hyundai Tucson, 2015, 95.3%
12. Volkswagen Tiguan, 2016, 94.9%
=13. Volkswagen Tiguan, 2016, 94.3%
=13. Seat Ateca, 2016, 94.3%
15. Audi Q3 2011-2018, 92.8%
16. Peugeot 3008, 2017, 91.5%
17. Peugeot 3008, 2017, 89.8%
18. Opel Grandland X 2018, 89.5%
19. Audi Q3 2018, 89.0%
20. Range Rover Evoque, 2019, 88.7%
21. Renault Kadjar 2015, 88.6%
22. Jaguar E-Pace 2017, 88.4%
23. Nissan Qashqai gasoline since 2014, 87.7%
24. Nissan Qashqai diesel from 2014 onwards, 86.1%
25. Range Rover Evoque 2011-2019, 82.8%

In conclusion, we would like to note that among outsiders, it is not UNRELIABLE, but the LEAST reliable model. In fact, the 82.8% rated Range Rover Evoque isn't a bad result at all. In this class of crossovers, the reliability of all models from different manufacturers is at a fairly high level.