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Reasons to buy an electric car

Reasons to buy an electric car Reasons to buy an electric car
15 December

Why is it so profitable to buy an electric car?

Electric autos become very popular. More and more car enthusiasts give preferences to electric car models, moreover their price becomes low down and they begin to be more available.

The advantages of electric cars

Undoubtedly gasoline-engine and flame-engine cars are popular than an electric at this moment. But 2018 year is coming and technologies don’t rest on. Already now an electric transport is developing and taking the first places in the world, not only as an economic and eco transport, but as a comfortable and convenient transport too.

Now we’re looking into a few advantages:

  • A full ecologic – safety and reliable motor without emissions and carbon monoxide.
  • A perfect variant for driving in a city. One-time accumulator charging is enough for 400km. In the middle a race of this car will depend on a motor power, anyway it completes no less than 200 km with a full charge.
  • The motor more durable, than the gasoline-engine.
  • The higher efficiency than a simple auto.
  • Nothing abnormal noises with moving.
  • A flexibility – almost all cars have a compact size and it’s convenient to move the city and traffic jams.
  • There is a magneto-electric automotive brake – it’s extra application of brakes which makes higher a reliability and a safety.

Hybrid auto is universal, reliable, safety and ecologic type of transport. In spite of a high price, this kind of a transport is very economy. Sure to charge the car is cheaper, than bye a full gas tank. Electric charge stations are developing in Ukraine. And now you can do it without any difficulties.