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Leasing for business

Leasing for business Leasing for business
24 April

Leasing is an optimal and most effective solution for a business. From the point of view of competent financial management, a company is a reasonable way to update the fleet or buy the missing equipment, especially in times of crisis or financial instability. Leasing for business allows the enterprise, without diverting large resources, to optimize and modernize production. Attracting an amount of only 20-30% of the cost of the necessary equipment, the client immediately receives the leased object for use, paying the remaining amount over the agreed terms. To date, the most relevant leasing of agricultural machinery.

From the point of view of legislation, leasing is not a cash loan, but a full range of services for the acquisition, insurance, maintenance and after-sales service. In addition, leasing leads to certain advantages for legal entities in the form of lowering tax payments, maintaining investment attractiveness and structuring the transaction. Leasing for beginners PE is a great opportunity to open your own business with minimal cash costs.

Basic terms and conditions of financing from «Eco Leasing»

Currently, vehicles and equipment are acquired by both large and small enterprises. Everyone has their own motivation: small companies use leasing to purchase expensive equipment due to a lack of funds, and large businesses save significantly on taxes. This is the optimal financial mechanism that allows you to immediately operate the necessary equipment, paying it in stages. You can talk about the benefits of business leasing indefinitely, however, it is worth highlighting the main leasing conditions at «Eco Leasing»:

  1. Financing new and used machinery
  2. Advance payment of 20%
  3. A one-time commission when processing a transaction – 2%
  4. Financing currency - UAH, USD
  5. Leasing term - from 12 months to 60 months
  6. Full CASCO and CTP insurance for the entire lease term
  7. The optimal package of documents
  8. Registration of equipment with the relevant state bodies of the leasing company
  9. A preliminary decision on financing is made within one day

You can find a list of documents for leasing for legal entities and SPD here:

Leasing for small businesses at «Eco Leasing» - long-term cooperation on favorable terms

Young enterprises need to create their own fleet, so they use such a service as leasing. This is a great alternative in those cases when production work has opened, and the company does not have enough money to purchase the necessary vehicles and equipment in general. Leasing for small businesses is characterized by less stringent requirements than with bank lending, a smaller amount of initial investments, prompt decision-making and the receipt of a leased object for use. You do not need additional collateral, and the leasing company will quickly resolve issues related to the breakdown of equipment and vehicles. We are open to dialogue, therefore, we offer an individual schedule of leasing payments, taking into account your wishes and needs. By concluding a deal with a trusted and reliable company «Eco Leasing», you invest in the development of your company.