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Lease agricultural machinery and go straight to the field!

Lease agricultural machinery and go straight to the field!  Lease agricultural machinery and go straight to the field!
18 January

New Year's holidays have passed, which means that the time has come for farmers to plan preparations for the new field season. Unfortunately, agricultural companies suffered significant losses due to the drought of 2020, and even the increase in grain prices did not compensate for them. Therefore, many agricultural producers are careful about spending and direct their fixed assets to operational tasks.

In such unfavorable economic conditions, especially for small agricultural enterprises, the renewal of the equipment fleet has become an unbearable task, and the search for new financial instruments has never been more urgent.

Due to the unstable economic situation in the country, many banks have tightened their credit requirements. However, we are ready to offer an alternative financing instrument - leasing.

Leasing advantages

Companies that have already used the services of a leasing company note that leasing is not just a convenient way of financing, it is a full service: insurance, registration, maintenance of equipment. Thanks to leasing, the farmer receives the necessary agricultural machinery with minimal initial investment of finance and time.

How it works?

You make an advance payment of at least 20% of the cost of the equipment, the residual amount, insurance costs, registration of the leased object with the relevant state authorities, and the leasing company assumes the payment of all taxes and fees. Also, all the paperwork falls on the shoulders of the lessor. The decision on financing takes up to a week, and the leasing company will also need several days to transfer the equipment. That is, the whole process can be done in 10 days.

Basic conditions of Eco Leasing:

1.financing of new and used agricultural machinery

2.advance from 20% for new equipment, from 30% - used

3.one-time commission - 2%

4.funding currency - hryvnia, US dollar

5. Leasing term - from 12 months. up to 60 months

6.Full CASCO insurance for the entire lease term, at the request of the client, OSAGO

Thus, when an agricultural company turns to leasing, it, firstly, attracts less funds for a complete renewal of the park, and secondly, it receives a full service, thereby increasing the level of comfort of work for itself. By purchasing equipment on lease, farmers can use their free saved resources for other purposes and projects.