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How leasing differs from a credit

How leasing differs from a credit How leasing differs from a credit
28 April

What to do if you need a car, and there are not enough funds to buy? Today, there are two main methods for solving this problem: obtaining a loan and buying on lease.

In countries with developed market economies, 30% of investments are made through leasing, and in Ukraine this figure is only 4%, because the activities of leasing companies for many remain an unknown segment of the financial market. In order to make the right choice between credit and leasing for a company, entrepreneur or individual, it is necessary to evaluate the financial parameters of both proposals.

Unlike a loan, which is a simple cash loan, leasing is a full range of services for the acquisition, insurance, maintenance and after-sales service. Thus, leasing differs from a loan in that money is transferred for use in a loan, and specific property for leasing.

The main advantages of leasing

Leasing makes it possible to purchase by installments cars and the necessary equipment. The company "Eco Leasing" provides financing to both individuals and legal entities. Buying a lease has several advantages compared to obtaining a loan:

  • the requirements for the lessee during leasing are less stringent than the requirements for the borrower in obtaining a loan;
  • shorter period for consideration of an application for leasing;
  • flexible conditions for calculating the payment schedule and the ability to adjust the schedule during the contract;
  • leasing financing terms are longer than loan terms;
  • property purchased on lease cannot be seized;
  • leasing payments include the costs of paying registration fees and contributions to the Pension Fund, insurance of full CASCO and OSAGO for the entire leasing term;
  • you can lease used equipment;
  • when leasing, it is possible to get a discount from the supplier;
  • availability of our own technical support service Eco Assistance 24/7;
  • highly qualified specialists can easily solve various organizational issues on a leasing transaction.

If we talk about what will be more profitable for the enterprise - a loan or leasing, then the answer is obvious - certainly, leasing. The company can purchase any necessary equipment or vehicles using the minimum capital, while payments will be made in a mode convenient for the enterprise.

The benefits of leasing to individuals are also understandable: deductions to the Pension Fund, insurance, and services are already included in leasing payments. As well as the inability to confiscate and seize property, loyal customer requirements and the right to choose a convenient payment schedule.

Leasing is a great alternative to a bank loan

Eco Leasing Financing is a comprehensive service that saves time and resources. The main difference between a loan and leasing is that the bank gives money to the borrower for the acquisition of property, and the leasing company - the property itself. In the conditions of economic instability, leasing is the most competent financial solution, which, in terms of the range of services and advantages, is much ahead of a bank loan.