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​Electric car on lease and all your dreams can come true!

​Electric car on lease and all your dreams can come true! ​Electric car on lease and all your dreams can come true!
14 November

Electric car on lease and all your dreams can come true!

Electric cars have already become popular all over the world thank to their undeniable advantages. They are maneuverable, powerful and safe cars, which help us to care about environment because they do not produce any exhaust fumes.

Prices on electric cars

One of the disadvantages such cars is their price. If you need powerful, maneuverable and practice auto, it will cost you about 25 000 dollars. Price is quite big and not everyone can afford it even having a regular job. Of course, the cost of electric car is compensated quickly; you should only look at the prices on patrol and energy. Moreover, such models are being realized now, so you will not have any problems with charging – you can charge it by yourselves, although it can be longer and complicated. In addition, if you count maintains: gas-operated autos are often broken and they need regular MOT. It is easier with electro cars in this aspect and cheaper.

If you dream about buying electro car for a long time, but you are afraid of its price, you should to think of buying an auto on lease, the more so the Ukrainian legal system has added the new laws, which allow to make easier leasing for consumers. Thus, the dream about electric car can come true!

Advantages of buying a car for leasing

Taking electro car on lease has become real for everyone. It is necessary to reach the company “Eco leasing” and make a contract. There are a lot of advantages:

  1. Fast making a contract
  2. Acceptable and easy cooperation conditions for every consumer
  3. Minimum risks
  4. Fast preparation and registration of a car in applicable form.

You can estimate terms of payments and discuss them with a selling assistant by yourself. As well as while buying an electro car on lease, you can calculate all your payments, and you can calculate all your future interest rates. For this option use the online-calculator, which allows you to make all necessary settlements.

Campaign “Eco Leasing” offers for the consumers high-quality and profitable services. You can be sure on 100% in reliable and safe-confidant favors. Full guaranty and correlation without risks and danger. Your dream will sure come to reality.

What is needed after the appropriation?

After obtaining the electro car on lease, private individual or company must register the transport in applicable authority. Convention is needed to be accomplished on time, for avoiding poor fallouts.

For execution auto in the Interdistrict Registration and Examination Office (IREO) is appropriated to come through the next points:

  1. Registration
  2. Preparation of documents
  3. Service payment

For execution, the next documents are needed:

  1. Purchase and sale contract
  2. Compliance certificate
  3. Temporary license plate (if any)
  4. Customs freight declaration (over space internal frown foreign land)
  5. Personal data and fiscal number

Do not put away for later your dream, because you can buy an electro car right now!