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Car leasing for individuals

Car leasing for individuals Car leasing for individuals
29 April

Car leasing is the most convenient way to purchase a vehicle. This is ideal for families who buy a second car, or those who often change cars. Having applied for the financing service at «Eco Leasing», you will become the owner of the vehicle in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a car.
  2. Consult «Eco Leasing» for funding.
  3. Leave a request for leasing, our manager will select the optimal financing conditions and make a preliminary calculation of leasing payments
  4. Wait for application approval.
  5. Prepare a package of documents and sign a leasing agreement.
  6. Acquisition, registration and insurance of a car by a leasing company.
  7. Get your car.

Basic conditions for car leasing for individuals

Each client who wants to arrange leasing for a car can choose for himself the most optimal method of acquisition, as well as calculate an individual payment schedule, in accordance with the wishes for a minimum burden on the budget. The main leasing conditions at «Eco Leasing»:

  1. Financing new and used vehicles.
  2. Advance payment of 20%.
  3. A one-time commission when processing a transaction - 2%.
  4. Financing currency - hryvnia, US dollar.
  5. Leasing term - from 12 months to 60 months.
  6. Full CASCO and CTP insurance for the entire lease term.
  7. The optimal package of documents.
  8. Registration of equipment with the relevant state bodies of the leasing company.
  9. A preliminary decision on financing is made within 1 day.

Leasing payments include:

  • Leasing facility financing;
  • Registration of transport, payment of registration fees and contributions to the Pension Fund;
  • Full CASCO and CTP insurance for the entire lease term;
  • Insurance Case Administration;
  • Eco Assistance 24/7 Technical Support.

Indisputable advantages of car leasing

Unlike a loan, which is a simple cash loan, leasing is a full range of services for the acquisition, insurance, maintenance and after-sales service. The main advantages of car leasing, which bring benefits to individuals, are:
  • terms: the client immediately after signing the leasing agreement receives the car at his disposal, paying the residual value in stages;
  • package of documents: for registration only basic documents are required, which you will find by reference;
  • choice: buying a car on lease allows the client to choose a vehicle on their own. Depending on your personal preferences and financial capabilities, you can become the owner of a new high-tech electric car and a used car;
  • discounts: the leasing company provides discounts from suppliers-partners for the purchase of a car and service.

Car leasing for individuals at «Eco Leasing» - an individual approach, an optimal payment schedule and quick clearance

Every year, the car leasing service is gaining more and more popularity. The conditions are convenient and simple: you use the car for personal purposes and gradually pay its cost. To purchase a used car or a new vehicle for leasing, first of all, you need to opt for a reliable leasing company. «Eco Leasing» guarantees a secure long-term financial cooperation. Contact our staff and get professional advice on all your questions.