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Автострахование и лизинг

Автострахование и лизинг Автострахование и лизинг
05 June

Auto insurance - reliable protection of your car or other vehicle from damage or theft, as well as driver liability insurance. Auto insurance is needed even by experienced drivers who have left more than one hundred thousand kilometers under the wheels.

CASCO - this is motor insurance from any type of damage, including theft. In the event of an accident, even if you are the culprit, CASCO covers the costs of repairing your own car.

MTPL is compulsory car insurance. In the event that you are the culprit of the accident, OSAGO will reimburse the costs of damages to third parties. The culprit pays for the repair of his car on his own.

Leasing company «Eco Leasing», as a partner of leading insurance companies, provides auto insurance services and takes care of all paper formalities.

We provide our clients with full CASCO and CTP insurance for the entire leasing term, which is already included in the lease payments, as well as full administration of insured events.

In addition, Eco Leasing provides insurance services not only to its customers. As a partner of leading insurance companies, we can choose the most convenient insurance package for any client who applies.

Benefits of working with «Eco Leasing»:

  • Collaboration with leading insurance companies
  • No visits to insurance agents
  • Registration no more than 5 minutes
  • Actual prices of insurance companies without overpayments
  • Secure payment

Our partners:

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